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Antelope Canyons & Buckskin Gulch Photographic Workshop

Step into a fragile yet timeless place of beauty... Sunlight reflects and changes color as it filters downward through narrow slot canyon walls carved and sculptured by thousands of years of seasonal flowing water and blowing wind.  A must-see kaleidoscope of nearly every hue awaits to indulge your keen photographic eye.  Rich reds, glowing oranges and brilliant yellows, deep earthy browns and even cool smoldering purples bathe the graceful curves that rise above the meandering sandy canyon floors.

New discoveries await you, the adventurous PAC traveler, on this fun and easy tour of some of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring locations near the Arizona/Utah border.  Camp with us beneath a blanket of stars and find yourself immersed by day in a desert spectacle of ever-changing colors.

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