Cusi Taylor

   Raised in Arizona, I grew up genuinely appreciating the magnificent sunsets, striking landscape and abundance of life of the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts.   A dyed-in-the-wool technogeek, I was thrilled to get my first camera as a gift in elementary school.  I've been deeply fascinated by the the combined magic and science that is photography ever since.

   My professional career began in technology, and after many years climbing the corporate ladder, I transitioned to working in photography full time. Together with my partner, Nicholas, we own and operate an educational and rental studio in Phoenix AZ.  We teach photography, workflow and creative editing techniques, and lead a nationwide photography group called Photographers Adventure Club.  We also enjoy conducting travel workshops all over the American Southwest.  I'm a licensed pilot and hold two degrees in Aerospace Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

     A special privilege I appreciate having is the opportunity to help fellow photographers connect with, and learn from, each other.  There's always something new to learn for each of us.  I'm very grateful and thoroughly enjoy helping others explore the fascinating and limitless world of photography.


Co-Owner, Parkwood Photography Studios
Vice President, Photographers Adventure Club LLC
Co-Founder, Capture!PhotoCon photography conference
PACGivesBack Charitable Initiatives
LUMIX Ambassador Team Member, Panasonic LUMIX

Valued Corporate Customers Include

Alkaline 88
Down Syndrome Network of AZ
Habitat for Humanity
Savage Universal
Tether Tools