Cusi Taylor

     Growing up in Arizona, I couldn't help but develop a passion and appreciation for nature. The desert in particular continues to captivate and amaze me with its abundant life and vibrant colors. The Arizona sky is a kaleidoscope of wonder, changing with every passing moment. I have yet to see a photo that fully depicts its splendor. 

     Natural things often have a certain 'architecture' about them, and I'm drawn to those patterns and structural elements - sometimes amid what first appears to be chaos. Weathered rock, the feathers of a bird, swirls of glistening sand washed up by lapping waves... these are the things that catch my eye - but often somehow elude captivity in photographs.  (but that won't stop me from trying!)

     A special privilege I have is the opportunity to help fellow photographers connect with and learn from each other.  There's always something new to learn.  I'm very grateful and thoroughly enjoy helping others explore the fascinating and limitless world of photography.


Co-Owner, Parkwood Photography Studios
Vice President, Photographers Adventure Club LLC
PACGivesBack Charitable Initiatives
LUMIX Luminary Team Member, Panasonic/LUMIX USA